Inheritance for The Abandoned


Mother, Father,

what was this supposed to be?

Did we lose our home?

Are we refugees?

Did the whole world

fall apart because of me?

Mother, Father,

why don’t you speak?

We were just children

at play,

didn’t have a care

in the day,

then one by one

we were made to take

our place in your war parade.

Mother, Father,

we used to be so kind.

Didn’t even know there was a line

that by crossing we would leave behind

all of our innocence.

Why did you allow this?

Mother, Father,

we are all now gone.

You could have been protectors,

standing strong

in the face

of what you knew was wrong,

but you did nothing.

So, we receive

the work you left undone.

Mother, Father,

why did you run?



DJR – 2023

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