Kill Devil


Sulphur in the air,

smells like old release.


repudiations and denials.


is the creeping death,

the one that steals in,

like the taste of temptation.

Dream of it.

That total submission.

Just laying back

and letting it flow over.

Wake to it,

that aching void,

yearning for the touch

of hot fire.

Hell has many fingers,

and they all reach right inside,

to massage the ego

and steal the soul.

One hit.

One sip.

Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck.

Or one day off

is nothing to revile.

No one will ever know.

To one will ever see.

That blackness in your heart.

That failure kept inside.

Such is the way

with all our sins,

one by one

their hooks sink in.

Barbed, so they don’t come loose.

No one gets away


in their skin.

Everything you want

is yours.

Just have to want it more

than the smell

of Hell,

seeping from your pores.

She’s an easy road,

a thousand bodies wide,


for one step on her path.

The devil is a real bitch.

Better kill that thing in you

real quick.

‘Cause from here on out

it doesn’t get easier.



DJR – 2023

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