Clothed Bones


Slowly but surely,

choose to move your skeleton.

Clothe it in stitches

of skin, and flesh, and sinew.

Dance to music

that echoes off your bones,

and don’t let your skull

or ribcage stay empty.

You’ll start out

without love,

or wonder,

or rhythm.

Soon, they begin to find their way

deep into your marrow,

and if you’re lucky,

every fiber of your being.

Slowly but surely,

you’ll learn

what it is to laugh,

and cry,

and feel compassion.

It is not your new lips,

or fingers,

or toes that make you human.


it is something intangible.

Your hair might be black,

or brown,

or blonde,

or white,

or perhaps short lived.

It may be long and straight,

or tight, little curls,

or wavy,

or dry as winter wheat,

but as you come

into the fullness of your being,

it becomes obvious

that your body is only temporary.

All these things

you clothed your skeleton with

exist only for a short time.


but surely,

we return

back to our bones,

and only our memories

entertain us,

until these too

become fleeting,

like ghosts in the shadows

of a hall.

All we have left

is how much we loved,

and how much we moved

through this strange,

erratic place.

How we kept our frame

dressed and maintained

means less and less

in the big scheme of things.

But how we laughed,

and how we danced,

will echo forever.



DJR – 2023

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