Answered Prayers


Pray for Grace.

Pray for Peace.

Pray for Love.

Look up to the sky above

and plead our case,

tears on our face,

for fear that we’re

too late.

Begging for

another chance at fate.

So, the night wears on.

The dark before the dawn

is always coldest,

as the Sun takes to the sky.

We pick up the pieces,

crawl from our crooks and niches,

and look around to see

what the storm

has washed up on our beaches.

It isn’t easy to live

in this world,

and it’s all in His hands.

When He curls His fingers

we see our fortunes turn,

and we no longer burn.

We forget why we

were so concerned.

And then the clarion call.

The summons to the hall.

Tall orders come,

and suddenly, we feel so small.

Try to crawl

back into our holes and hovels,

for we know

all about the trouble

such adventures do involve.

So, we deny the calling,

as if God’s Word were falling

on deaf ears,

but clearly, we hear all things,

we just deny it.

And we wonder why

it’s all so hard.

Say we’re playing the cards

that we were dealt,

while we ignore the dealer,

whose table and who’s felt

we play upon.

We buy the con

that we are made

of sterner stuff,

but we cower

in the hour

that God calls our bluff.

We pray for Grace,

cry for Peace,

and yearn for Love.

Turn our eyes

up to the sky above

and speak the words

as if they won’t be heard,

but when they are

we turn away, disturbed.

Such silly, fickle creatures

are we.

Lost in our own divinity.

Detached from this vast reality,

but still beloved

far all eternity,

when Grace we seek.



DJR – 2023

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