Trust and Gravity


Did I change you

with my words,

or with my actions?

Did you change me

with your eyes,

or with your smile?

We stumbled into

each other’s gravity,

and this interlude

is either going to

bring us closer,

or tear us apart.

Did I learn to trust in you

the way I trust a fall?

Did you learn to believe in me

when I shared my heart?

My days on this earth

are getting shorter by the day.

What could I do

to get you to

believe in me?

Understanding you

while leaving myself


Can I exist the same,

both with you

and without you?

Forgiving you

has been as easy

as forgiving myself.

I hope I find a way

sooner than later.

I hope you find a way, too.

The same things

that we trust

are the same things

that try to destroy us,

but only if we let them.

When will we admit

we harness such forces

and hang on,

only by our fingertips?

Our emotions,

our love.

Enough to forge us together,

or tear us apart,

leaving ashes for our hearts.

Can I trust you?

Can you trust me?

I must trust you

for you to trust me.

This is the currency of love.

This is the way

it has always been.



DJR – 2023

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