Memories of Light


Before the light

gets a chance to break free,

capture it

with your stunning blue eyes.

Hold it captive,

but only for a moment,

for you’ll find it to be something

you cannot own.


shimmers leaves,

like wind in trees.

Shadows breaking through

scintillating shifts

that wave together

in roaring applause.

“The day is here!

Let’s try to catch it!”

Sunlight to energy.

Water to flesh and blood.

Ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

A story told by the crackling fire.

How we hunted in the morning,

and how we cut the land

in the heat of day.

How we built our houses

in the evening,

and danced into the night,

singing songs

that captured

all our memories of light.

Until the stillness

of moon and stars,

the sole echo

of an owl’s call,

the sounds of bat’s wings

up in the trees,

and the life of night

ushered us off to bed,

to dream of daylight.

There, our minds

create new days

for us to live in,

until the cock crows

and we begin it all again,

creating memories

with the dawn.



DJR – 2023

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