Just Passing Through


A flash of light

bright enough

to make you

turn your head.

You look at me

as I move through.

Just a traveller,

not here for any longer

than a heartbeat,

or a quick intake of breath.

If your eyes try to follow me,

or turn back to where I came from,

all you will see

is a brief shimmer

in the air.

Following in my


won’t take you anywhere

you want to be.

You see,

I am not a transient

by choice.

I move along

between this place

and the next.



and without anchor.

My life as foreign to you

as any alien world.

But now

that you know I exist,

you will find yourself

watching for me.

Every time

you catch something


out of the corner

of your eye,

you’ll hope it’s me.

I’m gone

far beyond this timeline.

Will I return?


I cannot say.

You will live out your life


there are places

between worlds,

until it’s time

to become a traveller

in your own way.



DJR – 2023

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