Flight From Erasure


Hunting down

every special thing.

Golden tokens

of our memories.

No good deed

goes unrequited.

No malady

goes uncured.

Wish it were that simple.

Smiling eyes

open in the morning

to behold

the glory of the day.

No insecure,

anxiety riddled


droning on and on.

Simple as a sail

to catch the wind,

to break you off this

wretched peninsula.

One by one,

the banners fall,

until the way behind

is just as empty

as the fore.


bites down

like a wounded Malinois.

Never letting go

also has its charms.

Secret away

one or two more

shining moments,

before the hunter

and his hounds

ride them down.

One by one,


like refugees

fleeing in the dark.

Bittersweet reunions

of a purpose

and a past


Clear waters

and skies open.

Take to the bow

and feel the waves

splitting before us.

Precious cargo,

of one or two

on board.


the voyage is underway.



DJR – 2023

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