Fishing From the Dock


The thing that is the dream,

unspoken visualization,

realized in time

is akin to magic.

This is not

an apple from thin air,

or a rabbit from a hat.

This is

a whole world

from one imagination.

Never quit,

never gave up,

on daydreaming

and endless fascination

about the way

the world could be.

Entertaining every possibility,

because the line goes tight

and you never know

what‘s on the other end.

Sitting on the dock.

Endless waters

and an endless sky.

Dangling your feet in,

letting your mind fly.

every feeling,

ever thought

is another point of light.

A place where

we might decide

the rest of our lives.

Build a moment.

Build a home.

Grow flowers amongst the stones.

Let things be.

Let things grow.

We don’t always have to know

where we’re going.

Let the dream

spill out into the day,

like ink from these words,

bleeding into the page.

Tomorrow is not set.

Only today is in play.

Dream a seed

that becomes a forest.

Let an empty heart

fill a loving home.

A curious mind

reaches out to touch

the very fabric of reality.

Cast a line

out into the blue,

and see what tugs you

out, into your life.



DJR – 2023

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