Mental Health Monday – 06.12.23


Those who are fortunate enough to get older are faced with many choices. Do we let go of who we were in our youth to become who we might be in the latter half of our lives? Do we deny the ticking of the clock, the changing of the seasons, and the ache in our bodies, in order to sustain our youthful “joie de vivre”?

There are many books on life and how to live it, but it is up to us to us to decide how we will face down the passage of time, as we will all have to do at some point in our lives. For me, I have found that if I have purpose, a plan, and I don’t fall into bad habits such as laziness, or too much food, or alcohol, then my days begin with a charged exuberance that mirrors my youth. If I keep in mind the fullness of my gratitude for the fact that I am alive, and look at the day as an unfolding flower of possibility, then each day is as new as any that I knew as a child.

Of course, the weight of life as we age gets heavier. We accumulate roles of leadership and responsibility. We have families, jobs, kids, employees, and others that depend on us. This duty can become a weight that wears on us and bears us down. Then there is loss and tragedy to face. I have always said that if you live a long and healthy life, then you will get to watch everything that you love die. This is not meant to be dark and morose, but it is a fact. Death is a part of life.

Wake with purpose. Fill your life with beauty. Seek adversity, and test yourself against yourself when you can. Find joy in Faith, and love, and the wonder of this experience we call “Life”. It is so brief a gift that it should not be a burden.

Lift yourself, and if you can, lift others. We have more power in us than we give ourselves credit for. Our only sin, is sitting on the bed like my frog friend here, and deciding that we are too weak and powerless to make change, or to make our lives and the lives of those around us better.

We can do it. All of us.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be Blessed

Much Love.


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