High Jester


What did it really cost?

Did you give them


Did you go to your grave

clinging to punchlines

you had stashed away

for your rainy days?

While they lived

in a downpour,

your stock rose

with the sun.

Claimed that it wasn’t


A circle come around

from poverty to wealth.

Did you conceal

your true treasure?

Does it really matter

in the end?

You have gone the way

of all court jesters.

Just dumb enough

to be funny,

but just smart enough

to be dangerous.

Never saw them knock you

off the stage.

Never heard

the shot that hit you.

This all leads

to grand conspiracies,

but I know that you

would love the mystery.

Let them dig around

for rumors

that run like rat lines

of murder plots

and missing money.

Your inner circle

will know the truth.

You sacrificed it all.

Every cent,

every drop of sweat,

in appreciation

of the life you were given.

The Fool

can never be king,

but he can play his part

in choosing who rules.

He can move the people,

capture their attention,

and tell them

they’re all “stupid cocksuckers”

and they’ll laugh.

That, my friends,

is true wealth.

That, is to wield

true power.



DJR – 2023

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