Changing how I think of you.

Not because of anything

that you are on the outside,

but it’s the inside

that’s changing me.

Telling me

you have made

a choice now,

and this one’s gonna stick.

No doubts about it.

You’re coming into your next

phase of transformation.

Never what I thought you were,

my eyes were always unreliable.

Telling stories and telling lies,

while you stayed only on the edges.

I reached out to try and touch you.

Could feel you straining under your skin.

There was always something deeper

about you

than you ever let on.

Does it scare you?

Because it scares me.

Are you frightened?

Because I am terrified

to lose

what little part of you

I understand

in your next choices.


is just choosing to be you

in a way

you’ve never been before.

A smile crosses your lips.

Your face

disguising chrysalis.

Your eyes

telling me

that it’s gonna be okay.

You’ll return

in your new form.

Will I know you?

Will you know me?

There are the risks we run

when choosing to change

from the inside


I bet you’re going to be beautiful.

You were always beautiful

to me.



DJR – 2023

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