Mental Health Monday – 06.05.23


Motivation isn’t real.

At least, it’s not real in the sense that we think it is. Motivation is not the thing that’s going to get you up in the morning so that you can get something accomplished. Motivation isn’t going to go to the gym and do the burpees for you. Motivation isn’t going to quit drinking, quit smoking, clean the garage, or write that book you always wanted.

No. Sorry. That’s not how it works.

Motivation is a trick. It’s neurolinguistic programming. It’s words and ideas that trick your brain into thinking about what the speaker, or writer want you to think about.

For example, if I start writing about pineapples and how they’re spikey on the outside and they smell sweet when they’re ripe, and the insides are full of tasty, yellow flesh that’s refreshing on a hot summer day – then you probably started thinking about pineapples. It’s not complicated.

So, motivation might get us to start thinking about where we are and where we want to be. But it won’t get us there. Fact is, unless we already want to change, be it our fitness level, our body, our mind, or our location, motivation can get us thinking about it, but it cannot do it.

We have to choose. We have to stand up and go forward. Motivation is not the act of doing, but it is the thing that can get us going.

Also, Motivation fades. In the early morning hours when the bed is warm, on the third set of reps, or when you’re driving home from work, hungry and tired and that fast food drive-thru is so quick and easy. Nope. Motivation is nowhere to be found.

You know what I think keeps us going? Stubbornness. Motivation might get us thinking about getting off the couch, or imagine ourselves doing the thing, but stubbornness keeps us there. It’s the thing that keeps us working at the job until we earn the promotion. It’s the thing that keeps us saving for that first home and living in the shitty little apartment. Stubbornness is sometimes the thing that saves our relationships, because we would rather hammer out the problem than walk away. Some people call it discipline, but I call it stubbornness.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.

Much Love!


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