Touch of Rust


Slow to open up,

but that’s okay.

Nothing to lose today.

Sleep drives the dreams.

Sunshine shakes you awake,

and it’s another game to play.

Wake up all the dust

that comes with losing trust.

Thought you were smart enough,

anything but.

Just a kid who fell into a rut.

Trust your gut.

This is gonna suck.

Feeling just a touch of rust.

Slow decaying heroin vibes.

Wish that you had lived another life.

Lost your family, lost your tribe.

Running out of dimes,

and always out of time.

But you’re learning to be kind.

All the trips,

and all the travel,

life begins to unravel

out in front of you.

A point of view you weren’t prepared for.

But it’s all starting

to make sense.

Not keeping it all inside.

Not just living in your head.

A heart on the mend,

and a body following through

with promises that you had always said

were dead the moment they left you.


the morning calls your name.

No more hesitation in your way.

It’s so strange, the way

you used to hate the hear you own name,

but now you smile wide,

and your smile isn’t fake.

You’re giving up on pain.

You’re giving up on shame.

You’re giving yourself a chance

to live again.

What else can I say?

You’re learning to be brilliant,

shining in the Sun’s first rays.

New life,

for a new thing.

You’re bringing

life into the world.

No longer cringing

with the alarm each morning.

You’re learning how

to live in Glory.



DJR – 2023

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