Explaining Impotence


So simple.

Why overcomplicate it?

Stumbling around

in the dark,

when we could be searching for

the light switch.

We make strange choices.

Facing ourselves

must be

infinitely more loathsome

than being blind.

So easy.

Why make it hard?

We think we’re used

to fighting off our demons.

Truth is,

we stopped fighting long ago,

because our demons

told us it was useless.

It’s so wrong

to be so unkind

to ourselves,

and to the world.

Impotent and afraid

is no way

to live

a life.

So strange

that we would comply

when ordered

to strip down

and stand against the wall

and wait

for a bullet.

There’s more to us than this.

There’s still a chance we win.

We don’t

have to go out

like a whisper.

So quiet.

So cold.

We are more than we know.

Our enemies

are thieves

stealing our hope.

It’s so simple.

We can just say “No.”



DJR -2023

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