Rite of Passage


Pushing up against the borders

of everything you know.

Soft approaching of the threshold,

knowing where you need to go.


It was never going to be easy,

but it was never going to be hard.

Resistance is you,

pushing back at you.

You know this to be true in your heart.

Recognize the interference

of a drawn and subtle world.

Know the word but need to hear it.

The only thing that sees to stem the hurt.

Pain is often an indication

that you’re moving on the path.

If you can finally see the mountain,

then you are almost there, at last.

Most people give up

at the first signs

of pain and failure,

but not you.

Why do you persist?

Something in you

keeps driving you forward,

as if you’re almost

learning why

you exist.

Pain did not dissuade you.

Loss and shame could not contain you.

Made a breakthrough,

now you’re moving towards

a new way of saying “Thank-you!”

For the trials

for the hardship,

as you’re reaching for the door.

About to step thorough

to a place where you

won’t be you, anymore.

Someone else.

Somewhere else.

Another self.

Pain is evolution.

Growing is a tribulation.

We come from the Earth

to return to who we are.

Our place of birth

is not what we know,

but out between the stars.

Struggle on,

beautiful creature.

Divine journey brings you home.

You must do it on your own

to learn you’re not alone.

Let go of all your fear.

You’re coming through clear.



DJR – 2023

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