Losing the Rhythm


Listening for the rhythm.

Not sitting there

plain as day.

Gonna have to dig a little bit,

through all the noise

and trash solos

piled up on it.

It’s been there my whole life.

Long as I can remember.

I felt it,

pulsing in the ground,

moving the air,

my feet, and my soul.

Measuring my steps.

Timing my strikes.

Even when I was off,

I was on,

if I was on time.

Lost it live

and got it back,

but it’s been gone

for a while now.

Gonna have to find it.

Dig in the dirt.

Dig through the skin.

Dig into my soul

and feel it beating.

Waiting like the next breath,

like the next push forward,

towards that thundering refrain.

Just need some silence.

Quiet down the world.

Quiet down my head.

Get a little distance

from the madness of existence.

Touch the mountains,

touch the ocean,

touch the trees.

Man, I’m gonna feel it

once again.

Nothing words

than losing the rhythm


I know I’m gonna get it back

in time.



DJR – 2023

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