Burn Existential


Been this way since ’95.

Don’t think I could turn back, now.

Broke the edge off

my bladed ways.

Had to figure it all out again.

Roaming around inside my head.

Those cold, dark avenues within.

No place to call my own.

No place to find my rest.

Come so far since I tried to find

a way to go out of my mind.

Lost within and all outside.

Still surprised I didn’t die.

Not gonna lie,

I’m still amazed.

Living every day.

Up with the sun,

and down with the rain.

So much has changed,

but still the same.

I can’t call the odds,

it’s not my game.

I’m just grateful to be here.

Tried so hard

to burn out my flame,

but now

I burn existential.



DJR – 2023

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