Let the Sun burn out my eyes.

Let me live,

high and blind.

Don’t care if I go outside

only to catch fire,

at least I die with them open.

Take it all in.

The weak crawl,

the strong stand.

No hope,

only a firm set

of principles to guide them.

Watched the map be burned.

Watched the compass break.

Clouds cover the stars,

now no one knows the way.

It’s just a feint.

A tactic to draw us in,

so we land of the soft cushions

of the prison walls

we’ve been herded into.

Watch it all continue.


but for how long.

Nature doesn’t care,

not on this planet,

or any other.

We’re going down a road

that we didn’t build,

taking credit for its destination.

We don’t know

what we don’t know,

but we love to sell the lie

that we do so.

Face the facts,

there’s no going back.

The inflection point is so far in the past,

it’s best to just keep going.

Daylight hits me,


Too fucking early.

But it’s only here

that silence calls my name.

It’s only here,

before the near field techs,

get their hands around my neck,

and start pummelling me.

I’m okay with it.

I’m opened up.

Nothing to lose,

so I don’t really give a fuck

what path you think you choose.

It isn’t really you.

Any real control

was stolen long ago.

You’re programmed, now.

And it’s terrifying,

but being terrified

is nothing new.

A whole world of atrocities

and horrors await us,

they said so in the interview.

So, I keep my eyes open

as the Sun comes up

to bring its rays to the day,

and I fill my heart with the song

of those who came before me

and who cannot fight this thing.

Here we go.

No more dry runs.

No more dry eyes,

or empty guns.

No empty hands.

No empty hearts.

Today is no new start,

it’s the beginning of the end.

And I okay with that.

I always have been.

I always will be.



DJR – 2023

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