Reblog Wednesday – “Alternate Ending”

Letters to ourselves. Rolled up and stuffed into empty vessels and pitched into the sea of Time.

We wonder. We doubt. We regret.

Shame and helplessness haunt us. Long shadows of things behind us, stretching into our present in the low light of day. We can’t escape who we were, and we can’t help but wondering who we might have become, if we had played our cards differently.

Choices. We are the culmination of our choices. Now, whether those choices were driven by nature, or nurture, our environment, or circumstances, our genetics, or our predilections; our choices are ours. Every time we make a choice, we pick a path and step out on a new timeline. A new fork in our proverbial road.

I’m a fan of multi-verse theory. I like the idea that every reality exists. I like to toy around with the idea that there are infinite timelines, and we exist in all of them simultaneously. Each iteration of us making choices that in turn create new timelines, propagating over and over, ad infinitum.

I like this idea, because that means that somewhere out there in the multi-verse, there is an ultimate version of each of us. Somewhere, along some timeline, in some alternate reality, there exists a “you,” and a me, that has never known pain, has never known sadness, has never known fear, or hunger, or rejection, or regret. Sure, I know that this kind of thinking is pretty far out there, but it is a comforting thought.

Of course, that idea proposes that there is also a me that is literally in Hell. That has never known joy, or love; but only pain. Only sorrow. I’m just really glad I’m not that guy. I’ve had a glimpse of that guy’s reality. It sucks.

“Alternate Ending” is kind of a letter to my alternate reality self. It’s a nod to what could have been but was not. The good, the bad, and the might-have-been. We all have regrets, and sometimes I think it’s healthy to acknowledge them, then let them go. We are future beings, moving forward on our timelines, we can’t go back. We can’t fix the past. And the only thing living back there is ghosts. We ought to leave them where they belong.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being you. Wherever you are along your multi-verse of timelines, I hope you find peace, love, and joy.

God Bless.

Be Safe.

Be well.

Much Love!


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