Loose Ends


Searching for a common thread.

Trying to tie up loose ends.

Get a grip,

or get a friend

to come help me clean up my head.

Chasing down a herd of snakes.

Trying to keep up the pace.

Every morning,

same old face

reminds me I’m losing a race.

Stay in motion

and I think I’ll be okay.


haunts me,

all the way to my grave.

No sane way

to quit this lame charade.

Keep it moving,

it’s the only way.

Treading water.

Breathing smoke.

Either one’s a death sentence.

Words caught in the throat,

never spoken,

never said the joke.

Now the punch line

is hanging by a rope.

Tie them together.

All these desperate thoughts

and endeavors.

Forget what I was taught

forever and a lonely road ago.

Here I am,

weaving fables,

setting tables

for a feast,

knowing I night not

be the one to eat.

C’est la vie.

Manage to get a grip

on a few.

Burn some

and start over new.

Ask me in the interview

what it’s like to unravel

and try to get through.

Finding patterns

in the weave.

So simple,

you wouldn’t believe.

Even one strand

is still me.

I’m learning what it costs

to be free.



DJR – 2023

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