Dance of the Day


Break time.

Consciousness a tough sell.

No more distracting,

the veneer is worn thin.

Posing and laughing,

dressing up, and dancing

the dance of the day,

doesn’t mean the ghosts

still sleep.

Cover comes away,

and all the shadows

spread out into the corners.

Take up strategic posts,

like sentry friends,

or hunting spiders.

Lay it all out

on the walls.

Assess the wounds

that still bleed,

that still seep.

Sins covered up,

old hatreds linger,

like the odor

of something dead.

When the time comes,

cover it up again.

Put on the pants,

the shirt,

the shoes,

the hair,

and the smile.

They’ll never see

how thin

these things have become

on the inside.

How many dark shadows

and webs of denials

fill the spaces within.



and dance

the dance of the day.

no one knows

what dark souls

these clothes contain.



DJR – 2023

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