Blue Truth


What do I know?

Nothing new,

and nothing borrowed.

A few things old.

A few things stolen.

Never quite got the secret

of turning lead into gold.

I know,

I know,

we hold the hands

that change the world.

This far below,

we still stand upon the earth.

I look up to the sky

in the light of day,

and pray

the blue ceiling

doesn’t keep me away

from every star

I gave my childhood wishes to.

I know,

I know,

I was wrong.

It doesn’t matter.

This high and wide

blue truth

stays with me.

Sun greets me in the morning.

Nigh time sneaks in close

to give me

what I need.

Never been a king,

but I have been a fool.

Broken silver spoons

and every golden rule.

Thought that there was no place

for a person like me,

until I found


under that blue truth.

I know,

I know,

I’ve made my share of mistakes.

I know that you have the proof.

Never claimed to be a good one.

just knew that I had to choose

to be here,

to remain

on this high sub-arctic plain,

and watch the sun

light up the day.

All that blue,

and all that truth.

I know,

I know,

It’s beautiful.



DJR – 2023

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