A New Thing


This is new.

Not what it was

a mere year ago.

Subtle change,

or being smashed

face first.

Plastic surgery.

Main vein transplant.

Either way,

it didn’t look like this,

or feel like this.


is a new thing.

Strive as I might

to become a new thing

with it,

I bring

an oil slick

of old shit

with me.

Bad taste,

like gas station coffee.

Time to break it off.


that old son-of-a-bitch

for what it is.

Can’t let that

jungle on my back

dictate my path.

Raised by apes

to return to civilization.

Fresh air,

after a spring rain,

after a forest fire.

This is new.

Can’t shake it.

Can’t deny it.

Sure as fuck

can’t believe it,

but here it is.

Rising in the east

like a dream,

but I can feel it.

Touch it.

Taste it.

I just have to learn

not to fear it.

Embrace it.

I know

that’s gonna mean

letting go.

But I’m cool with it.

I’m all in.



DJR – 2023

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