The Procedure


Sedation up.

Count down from one hundred.

Slipping into

a blissful nowhere

while we work on you,

separate you

from your existence.

Something’s been getting in the way,

causing interference.

Find the foreign device

operating at your frequency

and remove it.

Putting this all back together

is going to be

an impressive feat.

Patient wakes.

“Feel your hands.”

“Feel your feet.”

Movement seems normal.

No sign of cognitive decline.

Eyes are wide,

and clear,

and sentient.

In a few weeks

we’ll let them go outside.

Interact with others

and we tend to find

they cry

within the first few minutes

when they realize

their connection has been restored.

So strange

that they would willingly

accept to be separated.

Conned into virtual silos,

where their brains

are always being programmed.

Separated from their loved ones

and their worth.

None of them

ever ask

for us to put

the device back in.

They leave,

free to be them.

Excise you

from your reality.

It’s the only one

you’ve ever known.

We’re going to set you free.

We’re going to bring you home.



DJR – 2023

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