She’s Good


She’s good to me.

Keeps my hands slow

and my heart home.

I would be so quick

to rush towards,

to my own destruction.

Or blaze,

and burn out,

bright as a signal fire,

but seen by no one.

She holds me



and down.

As I need it.

Never knew what it was like

to have gravity.

I was always wild.

I was always gone.

I wouldn’t know

real life

from an artificial one,

if she hadn’t shown me

that one plus one

doesn’t equal two.

It’s infinite.

Potential in potential.

She’s good to me.

Wakes me from dreams

when I am dying.

Talks me down slow

when I am flying.

Catches me when I fall.

And I’ve caught her

a time or two.

It’s what we do.

She asks me questions

I don’t know.

Keeps me curious

at what’s around the corner.

Keeps the light in my eyes,

but doesn’t let

this fire

consume me.

The way she breathes,

the way she speaks,

the way her eyes see.

Strange, how one from some other

can so complete me.

Ask questions

of the stars,

but she’s the answer

to them all.

In a universe,

so indifferent, and cold,

she’s good to me.



DJR – 2023

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