Please remain calm.

This cataclysm

is just getting underway.

Prime Time

is for natural disasters.

This one is man made.

Please try to stay silent,

we are setting up

the controlled climate change.

There’ll be time for panic later.

You can run around and scream.

Set fire to your iPhone.

Peel your face right off the screen.

You won’t want to miss this one.

This is the ultimate climax scene.

The whole world

is going to fall apart

at the seams.

Please save your applause

until the very end.

Let us do our jobs.

Authority’s your friend.

It isn’t really hard

for you to comprehend,

but our jobs just get easier

when more of you are dead.

Please hold still.

We’re loading the injections.

This should kill

your desire to ask questions.

Broken will

is the end of all dissention.

Please remain in your homes.

There is safety in detention.

We want an easy

end of the world.

No fuss and no panic.

No big parade.

We’re gonna win

at the end of the world,

as we usher in

the dawn of a new age.

The facts are obvious

as we remain,

and you expire

while we take the stage.

It always had to be

this way.

Stay calm.

Stay home.

Everything is in control.

Do your part.

We will win,

as long as everyone

knows their role.

We’re in this together.



DJR – 2023

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