Blood for Blood


Put the blood in.

There is no other way

to make the change.


to speak harmless words,

but your tongue always comes out

dripping crimson.

“Hope” is just an empty promise.

“Truth” a hidden blade

that hungers for a sin to sell it.

There are no other ways.

Humanity decays.

We’re all dying by the minute.

No saving grace,

but what we cast away

when we were young.

Told to consecrate

our virgins to the snake

with the first taste

of someone’s love.

Seal the pact

in extremis,

before the blood coagulates.

Condone anything divisive,

because the blood desires the hate.

Conflicting intensions debated.

Tension flexes muscles, too.

No other way to see the world,

than as commodities and food.

Fuel for the conflagration.

Voices cry out in their faith,

as you turn your eyes above

and imbibe the blood,

and earn your place.

Anything to keep the power.

Anything to get the gold.

Anything to feed the hunger.

Anything to not grow old.

The payment for our sins,

since we have been in skins

has always been

what flows within.

The cost of all our souls.

The loss of all control,

comes down to this again.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

Blood for blood.



DJR – 2023

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