Smiley Face


Broken up,

but never was.

What it is,

is what it does.

Doesn’t do a thing

for us.

Throw each other under a bus.


and stay up late.

Chaotic minds contemplate.

Tomorrow we’ll commemorate

another failed exchange.

So, I had to call you up

and ask if you were okay.

You said, you were going

to decide here, any day.

I passed on my mother’s love

and you told me another lie.

One of us is going home,

the other one is gonna die.

Choking on

the smoky air.

Forest fires


Becoming more

than we can bear.

Starting to doubt

we even care.

Hear you laugh.

See you smile.

Even though

it’s been a while.

Time passes,

many miles.

Don’t seem

like such a trial.

So, when I sent that text,

didn’t know what would happen next.

Just hoping that my words would find you well.

Thinking that in good time

I would see you reply,

telling me that I could go to Hell.

But instead of words,

in their place,

you sent me a smiley face.

That was all I needed

to get through the day.

I guess we’re gonna be okay.

So long.

Sorrow songs.

I guess

what was wrong

was so much

all along.

The rain comes,

and we’re finally moving on.



DJR – 2023

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