Cataract Smoke


Used to be easy to see.

Clear sky,

elusive as a dream.

Under threat and duress,

no possibilities express themselves.

Constant quarry in the day.

No ally here on this stage.

Lost in the impossible,

but not inclined to cave.


and feel the push back.

Lean into resistance.

Don’t quit.

The only sure sign

our path is a righteous one,

is opposition.

Ease into early graves.

No thought of other ways.

Surely as we can stand,

we can plan and execute today.

Tough to get a bearing

with the sky wearing

a coat of smoke to hide the stars,

even the sun and moon uncaring.

Will we wither here,

without the light above?

Or will we get clear

all the way to the mountains?



DJR – 2023

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