Mental Health Monday – 05.15.23


The Hidden War.

There are battles we fight only with ourselves.
Some of us know we’re at war.
Some wonder why they can’t get their heads right, unaware of the nature of their inner struggle.
Sometimes, it’s the voice inside
telling us that we’re not good enough.
We’re “Too fat.”
“Too dumb.”
“Too ugly.”
“Too poor.”
“Too weak.” to live the way we dream of living. It’s a lie inside of us. One we have to fight. A fight we have to win. Not all at once, or once and for all, but a war we must engage in daily. It’s hard. It takes a toll, but the victory is sweet. And no one will ever know you fought and won but you, but they will see you smile.

We have trauma that haunts us, anxiety that plagues us, confidence that abandons us, and strength that fails us. All this happens under the surface. There are things in our lives that show us where we need to be. Paths that are revealed towards our goals and our dreams, but there are gatekeepers we must do battle with in order to get there. The “Lazy Demon”. The “Energy Vampire”. The “Voice of Doubt”. All these and more stand between who we are and who we desire to be.

Have patience with yourself. Give yourself time to develop discipline and strength. Then, when you are ready, fight for all you’re worth.

And know this – all of us are fighting right along beside you. Every one of us is waging the war for the self, every day. Some of us are more aware of it than others, but rest assured, we’re all fighting.

Keep going.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.

Much love!


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday – 05.15.23

  1. I had to learn to meditate many years ago to find sleep. Old wars, old faces haunted me. We must learn to live with what we did, how we lived. Powerful and worthwhile thoughts shared.

    1. Glad you found that it had substance. I tend to write almost as a stream of consciousness, not always with a driving theme. These “Mental Health Monday” pieces are more like reminders to myself than advice for anyone else. Glad you are able to find some peace, by whatever means. Ne easy task these days.

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