Saving Others



Locked in.

Always more out there

than you imagine.

Not strong.

Not fair.

Stepping out past the line

where you are aware.

Some days

I know

it gets harder to make

all the machines go.

Slipping that stranglehold

gets harder

the longer you stay in it.

The world

gets darker

by the minute.

You know

the possibilities

are infinite,

but you’ll hate something

so much

you’ll turn into it.

Cell of your

own making.

Hell of your

own life.

Currently undertaking

a sentence of all time.

Wrapped up in the coils

of a serpent

in your mind.

Breaking free

will be


opening your eyes.

Used to


it doesn’t need to be this way.

But it does

for you.

You’ve got to learn to escape.

Break free

of those chains

and claim

your own emancipation.


and only then,

can you free them.

The game

of saving others



with you.



DJR – 2023

2 thoughts on “Saving Others

  1. Thank you David for sharing your amazing poetry. I am growing older. I hope I gain my grandfather wisdom and my father strength. I enjoyed the poetry.

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