Monsters in Daylight


I remember when I stopped.

trying to escape the sunlight.

Used to live under the stars

and watch the moon

traverse her way across Heaven.

I used to tell myself

that the cold anonymity of the dark

was “freedom,”

but in truth,

I was convinced

I was a monster,

and I lived in fear.

There is a place

for the broken and alone.

In the dark corners,

abandoned buildings,

under bridges.

When we were kids,

our whole world

was our bedroom.

That’s why we thought

the monsters lived

under our beds

and in our closets.

But, as it was then,

it was all a lie.

A fantasy.

A story meant to bend our minds.

I woke up

one dissembled morning.

Lost to myself

and fragmented in unknown ways.

The sun was burning up the day.


the host of unrequited depression.

I dressed,

and went outside,

convinced that I would turn to dust,

or burn to ash.


all I felt

was warmth.

Calm, beautiful stillness,

and blue skies stretching on forever.

White clouds painted in,

as if the world were welcoming me

to this new lie.

I can still

chase the moon through the night.

I was no monster then,

no more than I am now.

But I don’t fear the light,

like I once did.

I don’t hide in dark corners anymore.

I am in the open.



DJR – 2023

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