You’re gonna hear me cry,

in the morning

as the sun lights the horizon.

I’m heading out

and I’m never turning back.

This time it’s a one-way ride.

Out past the beaches,

past the tides,

to where the water

turns from blue to black.

I’m gonna go out

like an albatross

fishing where there are

no friends with me.

Wind in my wings,

catching all that I need.

You’re gonna watch me fly,

out on that summer breeze.

Way up high.

You’re barely gonna be able

to see me.

I’m going where

good men die

and great men are born.

So far past what I recognize.

All the way to the end.

I’m gonna circle wide,

looking down,

until I see what I need.

Then I’ll fall from the sky,

like a meteor,

and smash the seas.

If I can come up again,

then I will have lived

to finally believe

that life exists

this far out

from what I have been.

You’re gonna see me,

soaring like an albatross.

Wings full of that

summer breeze.

Morning light in my eyes,

heading out to sea.



DJR – 2023

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