What is more?

Are you growing out of bounds?

Pushing past your limitations now?

Have you finally come down?

Resting your feet on solid ground.

There were times

I loved to watch you run.

Take off like

a bullet from a gun.

Strange how you amazed everyone,

but never quite

had your time in the sun.

Watched you come alive

and watched you go.

Times I thought your heart

would explode.

Tearing off at high speeds

down the road.

Now, I find you living

nice and slow.

How did you do it?

Did you finally touch the sky?

You have answers

where you used to keep your “Why?”

No time for questions.

Explanations aside.

I’m so happy to find you are alive.

We wondered more and more,

every time you walked out the door.

Every morning the sun would come

and you wouldn’t be seen by anyone.

Some thought you dead,

so you’re a ghost.

I guess what I would have missed most

is how you made us all feel so slow

watching how fast you would go.

In your place now,

couple dogs around.

Older than either of us planned.

Slowing down

is like a heavy crown

given to those who know they’re damned.

You say you know

what the future holds

A little bit further down the road.

And I don’t doubt you’ll be the one to go,

but you tell me

that life is better slow.



DJR – 2023

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