Getting There


You know,

it’s all about taking small steps.

You know,

you can’t run if you can’t walk.

you know,

if it’s worth doing, it ain’t easy.

You know,

you’ll learn more by listening, than if you talk.

That doesn’t mean that we

won’t get frustrated,

wish the world would celebrate us

for doing all those stupid, little things.

We’ll want to throw in the towel

when the world has held us down,

but we can’t quit because we don’t know how.

You know

as well as I,

we’re gonna know it

when we get there.

Sometimes it might seem like life gets wasted.

Sometimes we don’t find purpose at all.

Sometimes it just gets so hard to take it.

Sometimes we shut down and fall apart.

But the morning brings another day,

and even in our sorrow’s wake,

we put the coffee on and go to work.

And as we use our head and hands,

God reveals to us His plans,

and He begins to heal the heart

and stem the hurt.

We don’t stop,

until you know

as well as I

when we get there.

You know,

that life’s a trial.


it hurts to smile.

You know,

we’ll make it through.


time gets to you.

You know,

I’m there, too.


it’s what we do.

We find

ourselves confused,

but we still get up and put on our boots,

because there never been an ounce of quit in us.

You and I both know that we can trust.

that God will provide,

and He will guide us

until we get there.



DJR – 2023

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