Mental Health Monday – 05.08.23


How do we do the impossible?
How do we make our dreams a reality?

Well, we can’t quit. We have to keep going. Often, the breakthrough comes when we don’t expect it to. We have to keep trying to get it right, learning along the way, until it works.

For centuries, human beings yearned to fly like birds. We observed the birds, soaring through the air, gliding high in the sky, lighting on branches, and taking off again.

Obviously, human beings couldn’t just flap their arms and fly, so it was after much wise thought, and scientific consideration, men began to climb to the tops of very high cliffs, and later, tall buildings, and jump off. They believed that gravity was too strong close to the Earth, so they had to get up a ways.

They were not successful.

Strapping some homemade wings on and jumping off a building did gain us the Parachute, but not flight. Hot air balloons have existed for centuries, but that’s really more “floating” than flying. We had to keep trying

When the Wright Brothers began to look at powered flight, the idea of taking off from the ground was considered ludicrous. It was an impossible feat.

Well, today, a mere hundred years later, hundreds of flights take off from the ground every day. Air travel is statistically the safest form of travel, safer than cars, and boats, and hot air balloons.

(To be fair, flying is the safe part. It’s the quality of the landing that matters.)

So, how do we do the impossible?

We keep at it.

We don’t quit.

The only sure road to failure is giving up, and you deserve deserve to see your dream come true. If we can go from jumping off of buildings, to boring old commuter flight in just a few generations, who knows what else we can achieve?

So, go chase your dreams!

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.

Much Love.


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