Straighten up.

Feel the worry wash away.

This is fire.

This is water.

This is air.

Earth under us,

but only sky above.

Blue of a million hues,

breaking kaleidoscopic.

No integer inferred,

there is no measurement,

meant for this equation.

Only you,

as you were,

plus who you will be.

Divide the path

that you are at

right now,

and suffer doubtful.

But, doubt is seldom yours,

a dogma hangover on your shoulder.

The only thing

that has ever stopped you

from conquering the universe

is will,

and you have it now aplenty.

Structures that once brooked you in,

like the chamber of a rifle,

tried to get you to go

their way.

Explicit exclusion.

No explosion,

but a slow diffusion

out into the cosmos.

A subatomic stowaway,

changing the color of the sky.

One hue,

or two,

still blue,

but if you pay attention,

there is something different

in the light today,

it’s you.



DJR – 2023

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