Magic Beans


We’re gonna let it

slip away.

Gonna commit

the same mistake

as everyone who came before us,

everyone we put down in our lives.

Thought that we were

better, smarter, stronger.

But we were deceived,

just like our fathers.

Weaker than we received credit.

Allowed to live

when we should have died.

Parents die,

inherit Heaven.

Spend it all on Black and Mild’s.

Crank the suck up to eleven.

Every simple, spoiled child.

We’re gonna let the world become

the place

we never would have gone

before we lost our souls,

and our minds soon followed.

Beneath intelligence

lays our wanton belligerence.

So easily deceived,

so easily cajoled

into pretending what we know

isn’t real

The facts don’t flow

like the rivers of blood

now go.

So, it seems

we traded the farm

for magic beans.

Sold each other

as slaves to the other team.

Power by any means

made nightmares

out of dreams.

We’re gonna let it slip,

if we don’t get a grip.

We’re fucking losing it.

Bleeding out drip by drip.

We’ll have to first admit

that we don’t know shit,

before we can be honest

about we believe.

No turning back, now.

All the cards are down.

The stars are out.

The next thing

out of our mouths

will be the path we seek.



DJR – 2023

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