Lay me down,

just for a moment.

I want to feel the dirt

beneath me.

Touch the dust

that brought me up

this far.

Nurtured me

when I was growing scars

where I had come apart.

Sensing a subtle change

in the air,

not only one new vector.


I recognize this place,

though I have never been here.

Call what we’re doing “Ascension,”

if no other words will do.

Not going anywhere different

than we used to,

when we knew

the difference

in all of this.

How to set aside

the little shit.

How to come alive

in an instant,

instead of laying dead

upon our thrones.

There’s only one way

the future’s known.

Stand me up.

Brush me off.

I’m ready to go, now.

Gave away my clothes,

and sold my house.

This next step,

you have to be “All in.”

Once I go,

there’s no coming back again.

Thank you for taking me

this far.

I never would have made it,

without your charm,

your selflessness,

your help,

and your resolve.

The future is coming

for us all.

One more step,

and away I go.

I just want you to know

I never would have made it


without you.

You are living proof.



DJR – 2023

5 thoughts on “04.30.23

    1. I am always moving forward, trying to be better, chasing dreams, and showing love to those around me. Life can be a daunting thing for anyone who dares to dream. It’s good to have help.

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