Who You Are


The idea of you.

Who you are

in this world,

or the next.

In this moment,

a distillation

of a thousand years

of ancestors.

But you’re

just starting to fade.

Who are you?

Riddle in your consciousness

tricks you

into believing

you’re the truth,

or that you know

who you really are,

but your consciousness

doesn’t even know

what it is, so…

What if I told you

it doesn’t matter?

What if I told you

not to worry?

The things you do not know

about yourself

will always outnumber

the things you do,

and that’s okay.

Be a mystery

to yourself.

Allow you

to uncover your secrets.


each and every moment

that you are here,

because only you

will ever feel

the love, and the pain,

the hope, and the fear,

the night and the day.

Your eyes,

are yours alone,

unavailable to any other.

You were created

one of a kind.

Don’t ever doubt

your inherent value.

The idea of you,

who you are,

is a sacred,

and precious thing.

So glad

to have you with us;

whoever you are.



DJR – 2023

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