“Old Snape’s Hill”


Stay off “Old Snape’s Hill.”

That’s where the bad kids go.

The ones who don’t have good parents.

The ones who do bad things.

If you go there, you will burn

for disobeying those that love you.

It’s not safe up there for little ones.

So, stay off “Old Snape’s Hill.”

Don’t go under the bridge, my brother.

You know, the one across the park.

That’s where the junkies go.

The sad criminals,

who paint their names upon the wall.

It is a dying place,

where those who go, lose hope.

Don’t ever go under the bridge, my brother.

That’s where you’ll lose your soul.

Don’t sleep through the dawn.

If you can bear it,

wake up and watch the day be born.

I know the nights are dark,

and you’ve faced them alone.

But watching the daylight come

will cleanse you.

Words spoken in warning

were always a temptation for you.

You’ve known hunger,

and concrete

for your pillow.

You’ve known withdrawals,

and regrets by the dozens.

No escape from dereliction.

Don’t give up on yourself, my friend.

You’ve been in some dark places,

but please, don’t stay there.

We told you not to go,

but you went anyway.

You lived,

and live now,

only by the Grace of God,

and dumb luck.

Don’t quit on me now.

You’re almost there.

Close enough,

you must be able to feel it.

Stay off “Old Snape’s Hill.”

That place is full of darkness.

Don’t go under the bridge.

You did,

and found a life so hopeless.

Don’t give up on yourself.

You’ve come so far

for someone who always took

the hard way.

Keep going.

You’re almost there.

Good things are waiting.



DJR – 2023

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