Mental Health Monday – 04.24.23

Heaven and Hell.

The light and the dark.

Common concepts that theologians and philosophers have expanded on since the dawn of humanity. The fact is, we remain as creatures that experience life in a duality. Night and day have reft our conscious world into two kingdoms – one in which we can see and the other in which we can not.

Good and Evil are more complex ideas. We equate Heaven with one and Hell with the other. However, the concepts of “good and evil” are what I tend to think about as both metaphysical and psycho-social constructs that we use to help explain the motivations behind actions and events in the world, while “Heaven and Hell” are indicative of places in space and time.

Hell might be our past. The sins, regrets, and mistakes of our existence sinking in its claws and hooks and dragging us down, away from the light. Away from the future. Away from the potential of Heaven. In the “Parable of The Cave,” humankind emerges from the darkness of ignorance, into the light of knowledge. Hell is us actually moving backward along the timeline to a time where instead of the light illuminating our future, it burns us where we stand. The knowledge of our sins and wrongdoing become fuel for eternal torment.

Heaven is possibility. The potential for true enlightenment. To become pure as light. A being no longer tied by the past and free to move forward (or up!) into the future. In the Bible, Heaven is both the dwelling place of God and the Heavely Host, and later in Revelations 21, the future is described as a “New Heaven and a New Earth.” So, something we have never seen. Something we perhaps cannot imagine. Heaven represents limitless possibility.

We have all felt it. The feeling of stagnant immobility. Feeling stuck. Trapped. Unable to affect change. Tormented by choices me made, or the lack thereof. The loss of possibility.

We also know the feeling of limitless potential. The dawn that brings with it a giddy, childlike excitement at what is ahead. A moment of peace, of bliss, that we wish would go on forever.

I pray you seek the light of possibility.

Have a great week!

Be safe.
Be well.

Much Love!


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