Voluntary Exile


Tell me you’re finally gonna do what you say.

Finally gonna get out of this place.

Say you’re all packed to go.

Handed the keys to your landlord.

Drained your bank account

and quit your job.

Sold everything you had to hock.

You look scared,

but you say you’re fine.

Don’t care

what you leave behind.

It’s been a long time

since you first said,

if you stay here

you’ll wind up dead.

Never doubted you for a second.

There’s always a price to pay, I reckon.

Drive you to the airport.

Walk to the gate.

Watch you walk away

without one last embrace.

On to the future.

On to your fate.

Hurry up.

You don’t want to be late.

This place let you grow,

but it killed us both in time.

You go your own way and I’ll go mine.

We’ll cross paths again,

somewhere down the line.

The future’s so hard to define.

I stand for a moment,

watch your plane take the air.

Finally broke the tie

that bound you here.

That takes some courage

and that takes some fear.

At twenty thousand feet,

I hope your view is clear.

What ever you’re looking for,

you were never gonna find it here.

Rather watch you leave

than watch you disappear.

Wish you luck,

but I’ve got

a journey of my own.

Find just enough

to call this place my home.

Wherever you’re going,

wherever you are,

I know you’ll be living life

with your whole heart.



DJR – 2023

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