The Light Path




Venerating a moment.

Sitting on the edge

of consciousness,

toes dipping

in infinity.

Feeling the emotions

come and go.

Forget the burning cities.

Civilization comes around

every dozen centuries, or so.



Take in the deep.

Let it out.

It’s okay,

the breath was never yours

to begin with.

It belonged to the Universe

long before

you were ever here.

Experience it.

Drink of it.

Imbibe it.

Become it.

Once you learn to breathe,

you can take yourself


Just be careful

where you look.

The world is full

of desecrated scared spaces.

Places that used to be

strong nexus points

between worlds,

that are now

dark, and haunted crossroads.

Just believe.

Be light.

And you’ll find

your way forward.

I promise

the path is there,

and if you look,

you will find it.

A way

you’ve never imagined,

to a place

you’ve never dreamed.



DJR – 2023

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