Early Riser


You smile at me

in the morning,

like the face of the Sun

greeted me hour before.

I’m an early riser.

You’re a late nighter.

So, when I get in

from doing the morning’s work

you’re always waiting for me

with a smile.

I climb back into bed

and hold you for a while.

This room once seemed

like a sanctuary

from the world,

but these days

it feels like there’s no escape.

It’s strange,

because I don’t think

either one of us

want to there to be.

I pull you close

and you hold me tighter.

We know what’s waiting

on the other side

of those four walls.

A whole world

full of chaos and hardship,

but you tell me

that you’re okay with that.

We won’t live forever,

and that’s why I come back

to hold you

every chance I get.

The work never ends,

but it can wait a few minutes

while we enjoy the moments

while we can.

Once we leave here,

we’re back in the war.

The game of devastation,

where beauty and peace are lost,

unless they are noticed.

Captured in moments

that we choose to take,

like I do, in the morning,

when I see your face

smiling at me

like the face of the Sun.



DJR – 2023

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