Does anyone

know the reason


we are all

so lost?

The ones who claim

to know

seem lost the most.

Maybe in getting lost,

we find ourselves?

Does anyone

know anything

about being all alone?

About being

so afraid?

It is always

this way,

or does it get better?

Is there a day

I can

expect to change?

Does anyone

feel like I do?

So far from home,

but nowhere I can call


If I keep looking

does it become clear?

Is there

any hope

left here?

Another thousand miles

from the mountains

to the coast.

Is there a chance

I’ll find

what I need most?

Does anyone know anything

about going here

to there?

About finding love

to share?

Is it as simple

as not giving up?

Is it as easy as

not being shut?

Open heart,

and open mind,

try not to fall apart.

Is anyone

together anymore?




DJR – 2023

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