Is this what it is?

Turning over

every single moment

in my hands,

as if I can’t believe

that they’re real.

Simulation theory,

such a fashionable distraction.

How far along

does it become disassociation?

Is a schizophrenic

just breaking the fourth wall?

Does delusion

ever become doctrine?

Who’s to know?

Medically assist the suicide

of anyone too sick to survive,

but only if they want it,

or the regime finds it expedient.

What a helpful tool

for dealing with detractors.

Lock away the non-conformists,

and have them killed.

What a mercy

for the state.

So clinical and clean.

no blood,

just a drip in the I.V.

This is why

it gets harder every day

to take reality


But if this is a simulation,

then whoever’s writing the code

must have suffered

some kind of stroke,

or massive head injury.

But maybe it’s not

an externally generated simulation.

Perhaps it’s more like

a group hallucination.

Maybe each one of us

is contributing

to the error that we see.

The war,

the pain,

the strife.

Maybe all this is real life

and each one of us

is just fighting to survive.

Trying to find our place

in this insane world.

Trying to make the best

of our turn.

Maybe it all matters.

Maybe this world,

this life,

and everything that happens after

will just have to wait

while we learn to muddle through


after disaster.

Even if this is a simulation,

we ought to live our best.

We ought to play to win.



DJR – 2023

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