Artificial Plants


Let the world spin.

Here we go again.

Drop down to the Devil’s level.

Co-Dependent, using angels,

jam out on the best guitars.

Breaking strings and killing stars.

Is there a doctor in the house tonight?

Make sure he’s been locked down tight.

Safety is as safety does.

See what it is, not what it was.

Liars in a brand-new land.

Take by force

what they can’t take by trance.

Illusions in a vague landscape

augment reality again.

Try to gain a toehold on this

ledge of the precipice.

High enough to speak to God,

but we don’t listen when He talks.

The birds aren’t real.

The world is flat.

Might as well go with that.

Change your gender,

just converting faiths.

Sacrifice is the price to pay.

We’re all gonna find out some day

that we were fake.



DJR – 2023

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