Touch Grass

Such a waste

to worry over things

that never were.


that died on the vine,

and dead-end streets

to nowhere.


you have to step outside

of yourself,

of your home,

of your life

to be exposed

to the wind, the sun, and the rain.

All these things are real.

They’re really happening.

Get yourself attuned

to the living world.

Hear the wind in the trees,

the sound of a bird’s wings

slicing the air.

The howl of the wolf,

the song of the night,

punctuated by the crackling

of a fire.

To be present in the world,

this world,

the real one,

is a panacea

for regret,

and loss,

and trepidation over

what never was,

and what will never be.

Under a starlit sky,

unpolluted by city lights,

one can almost imagine

an infinite number of timelines

stretching out into the dark.

Some short,

some long,

and some not yet born,

but more potential for things to be,

than not.

Out of our lives.

Out of our minds.

Lay possibilities we cannot see

when tied

into our myriad of hopes

and dreams,

and disappointments.

Out there,

is real life.

DJR – 2023

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